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Belgian Waffles, Cream Puffs, Ice cream, Nutrition Yogurt, Fresh Passion Fruit Juice, Taro Pudding Milk Tea, Hokkaido Pudding Milk Tea, Cheesy Waffles...
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Hello friends!
We are #youniversefoodiewaffle
Why do we make our waffles with the finest, freshest, and tastiest ingredients possible? One reason, your satisfaction.
Our number one goal is to see you smile after a first bite and we do whatever we can to make that happen. We offer the perfectly fluffy crispy golden brown Belgian Waffles with more of a creative twist of toppings, Ice-cream, Nutrition Yogurt, Fresh Passion Fruit Juice, and Taro Pudding Milk Tea.
So come find us and show us your first bite smile!
To find our upcoming schedule quick, please check out our website:
We hope to serve you soon!
Open for the Season