There are many benefits of becoming a member of the MN Food Truck Association. We now offer an out-of-network discounted membership option for trucks operating 50+ miles outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. (Please indicate this in your application for membership)

Exposure & Leads: Members are, not only, listed on our website, but they have a personal profile they can update at any time. This also allows consumers to search for your truck and request your truck directly.

Social Media: We promote our trucks through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a regular basis. Through Twitter, we add your truck to closed groups that includes requests for food trucks. Facebook allows us to add your events to our page for more exposure. By being on Instagram, it gains you even more audience exposure and ways to reach out to foodies of all kinds. Additionally, the association gets leads frequently that we send out to all active members. These leads are usually for events that the customer is open to booking any kind of food truck.

Events: The Association hosts events itself or cohosts with another organization. Being a member gives you access to these events and, dependent on the event, will grant you discounts on event fees, early entry, and more.

Community: We host two all member meetings throughout the year to help food truck owners network with one another and share current info/news/best practices with its membership. We also host member appreciation events and networking nights during the “off” season.

Support: We are a group of over 100 food trucks. Together we promote food truck awareness, advocate for food truck rights and publicize the general awesomeness of the blossoming Minnesota food truck Scene.

To be eligible for membership:

  • You must own a food truck, not a trailer, market/fair cart, or food tent
  • You must carry a Mobile Food Vendor License (ie: MN Dept. of Health, City of Minneapolis, MN Dept. of Agriculture, etc.)

To be eligible for out-of-network discounted membership:

  • You must own a food truck, not a trailer, market/fair cart, or food tent
  • You must operate your truck 50+miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul (Duluth, Rochester, etc.)
  • You must carry a Mobile Food Vendor License

Want to become a member? Fill out the membership application below!