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November 1, 2023

“Love food trucks? We need your help… 

Minnesota’s state and local laws create unnecessary roadblocks to starting and having a food truck business. Food trucks are licensed and permitted on a state, county, and city level; these licenses and permits, filed in addition to one another, become redundant and costly. Food trucks call it “double/triple-dipping.” For instance, a food truck that wants to serve throughout the seven-county Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area could need as many as 40-60 separate licenses/permits, with fees costing $10,000-$15,000 annually. Some of these required licenses are completely unrelated to health or public safety. Small business food truck owners, already restricted by weather and the winter season, simply can’t afford such costs. 

Please join us in asking the Minnesota legislature to streamline licensing requirements for food trucks. We are asking the legislature to require local governments to recognize all food truck licenses and permits issued in the state so food trucks can focus on serving customers instead of having to navigate arduous, unreasonable permitting processes. This commonsense approach would alleviate some of the regulatory barriers food trucks face, making food trucks more accessible to the customers and communities they serve.

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