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BBQ: Ribs, Brisket (+ Brisket Grilled Cheese), Pulled Pork, Street Tacos, Mac n' Cheese, Kickin' Slaw, Jalapeño Cornbread + more!
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We are a family operation born out of COVID. After 20+ years in the restaurant industry, we decided it was time to take a leap of faith and go for it -- by smoking delicious food, and making people happy!

Our family officially launched Ol' Smoky BBQ last month, and we are so excited about our first summer as part of the MN food truck community!

I was raised on a farm in Southwest Minnesota, just outside of a small town – Brewster, pop. 454. My dad, Doug, was a Marine during Vietnam, and then spent years building A.O. Smith Harvestores (those big blue silos you see on some farms). In the early 1990s, when I was finishing up high school, my dad decided to use an old gear reducer [that he had used to raise the sheets while building Harvestores] to create a rotisserie style hog roaster. Together, we took a 1940s grain trailer, cut the top off, and welded on a big smoke box. Then we rigged an electric motor, the gear reducer and a spit to roast whole hogs. After we painted it, my dad stenciled “Ol’ Smoky” above the doors with red barn paint. For many years to come, we would use Ol’ Smoky to roast a pig for the annual Brewster Fun Day (small town = ONE fun day), and my dad regularly loaned it out to any of my friends who wanted to use it. It’s good to know people.

Ol’ Smoky sat in storage for a long time after my folks retired and moved into town. In 2014, I asked my dad if I could bring Ol’ Smoky up to Rosemount to use for a big pool party we were having at our house. It was our 2nd annual party, and we really wanted to take things up a notch. Mission accomplished. Once I got it up here, and started using it more often, I slowly made improvements to it to make it more efficient—and to smoke anything, not just hogs. My dad, while he was excited that it was being used and improved, told me that if I ever painted it, I had to replace the lettering and could not change the name. In 2020, using the original setup that my dad and I made, I added a rotisserie rack system. Ol’ Smoky advanced to the next level. I did take a wire brush to the entire smoker, and updated it with a nice coat of black high temp grill paint. And of course, as promised, I replaced the “Ol’ Smoky” in barn red above the doors. Ol’ Smoky BBQ was officially born.
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