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Rent the ‘Bou Truck
• Great for private parties, corporate events, etc.
• Start with Basic ‘Bou menu and add customization (flavor add-ins, specialty mochas, etc.)
• We’ll serve guests hand crafted Caribou Coffee beverages from the ‘Bou Truck
• Attendees order at the truck
• The Host pays the tab
• Required Minimum - $1,000 (2 hours of service)
o Additional charge of $100/hour required for events exceeding 250 guests ($1200 min.)
o Additional charge of $150/hour for events longer than 2 hours
Invite the ‘Bou Truck
• Great for festivals/fairs, block parties & sporting events
• Ideal for 500+ attendees
• We’ll determine the menu based on season and type of event
• Attendees order at the truck
• Attendees pay their own tab
**We realized not every event is the same and are more than happy to work with you to determine the best way to
to bring the ‘Bou to you and your guests!

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