I want to start a food truck, but haven’t began planning yet. What are my first steps in becoming a food truck owner?

First is work on a menu. Find the cuisine / items that work with your ideas and perfect them. Test them on friends, family, and even complete strangers. Find out if this food will work.

Next you need to obtain a food truck or purchase a blank/empty truck/trailer. There are many different styles of trucks/trailers out there – box vans or bread vans, small campers, trailers, or any vehicle large enough to fit the kitchen equipment you need to succeed. You can also contact MFTA Sponsor Chameleon Concessions  to have your truck built by a professional Food Truck outfitter. 

Brainstorm your food trucks concept & branding, for example logos and menu design. Plan exactly what your truck will look like before you the building process. If you are in need of assistance, hire a graphic design/branding expert. There are experts in the twin city area that specialize in Food Truck’s, such as  MFTA Sponsor Nimble Impressions

Read up on Minneapolis/Minnesota laws and regulations on food trucks – license laws and regulations vary in each serving location. If you are building your own food truck, be sure you are up to date on all the health regulations that are required in the city you are serving. Make note that Minneapolis serving regulations are the most complex in the state.

Obtain a MNDOT Number. Your food truck must obtain a vehicle inspection by a mechanic certified to issue a DOT number.

Be sure to get the proper business and liability insurance. MFTA has sponsors with special insurance packages designed specifically for food trucks.

Most food truck owners love to chat about what they do. Ask, observe, and check out other food trucks serving on the streets and at events.

Why should I join  MFTA?

The Minnesota Food Truck Association will help with many different things when owning/operation a food truck. The Association will help with: day to day questions, get you in contact with other owners, as well as help with event booking inquires.

The MFTA helps advocate for food trucks as well as gives your  voice when dealing with City Regulations. The Association also sponsors large events (Rallies), various events, as well as a discount into city wide events.

How do I go about booking a food truck for an event?

Do you have a specific food truck in mind? If so, go to Trucks on navigation bar, and contact your desired food truck directly. Keep in mind that food trucks conduct correspondence in off times, so the easiest way to reach most trucks is by email or voicemail.

Just want a food truck at your event or don’t have a specific truck in mind? Fill out the Book a truck Form, the more information you can give the better. Your information will be distributed to the entire MFTA truck membership, once distributed, the trucks will reach out to you directly based on their availability. Please note that emails may not be sent out immediately due to volume and food trucks reply on their own accord.

If I book a food truck, what should I expect from the truck?

All food trucks/trailers are completely self contained; meaning they contain their own source of power and water. Some trucks may require additional power to provide the best food truck experience for you, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Most trucks will supply their own serving items such as plates, napkins, and silverware, but it doesn’t hurt to double check with them upon booking. Most often all you need to supply is a spot to park and a group of hungry people!

What kind of events could a food truck vend?

Anything! Most food trucks are willing to serve at any special event. Examples include – Business Catering, weddings, parties, graduation parties, festivals, ect. If you can dream it, we can probably serve at it!

Do trucks charge a minimum amount to book?

Every truck is different, but keep in mind, depending on the season and the event, most trucks do have a minimum dollar amount required.

What information do I need to know when booking a food truck?

Number of Attendees : Give the truck an estimate of the number of people expected to eat. This gives trucks the ability to plan accordingly.

Date/Time/Location : Be as specific as possible! This will help with the planning process, so it can avoid confusion.

Example – Serving time 11 AM, please load by 9 AM. You will park on ‘West Side’ of ‘main office building’, please call ‘#’ when arriving.

Contact Name/Number/Email : Food trucks will need to contact you in every shape and form. We are always on the move, and don’t always have access to all contact lines. Text, email, and call – the more contact info the better!

Can food trucks serve my wedding?

Absolutely they can! Many trucks serve weddings regularly, including late night snacks and rehearsal dinners.

Do I need more than one food truck for my event?

You might, it depends on how many people you are serving and how quickly. Most trucks have a limitation of product capacity. Keep the communication lines open to the volume of people attending the event.

How much time in advance should I book a truck before my event?

Sooner the better as many trucks book months in advance. Depending on the date it is possible to get trucks last minute, but your chances/food options are better the earlier you book.

If I have a small amount of people what is my likelihood to get a truck.

Many trucks do have a minimum price in order to cover the cost of an event.  Minimums are different for every truck. The likelihood of you getting a truck for 10 people at a low per person price is relatively low. Although there are options to work around small groups, for example brewery host private parties where food truck are on sight etc. Our suggestion is to put in an inquiry and see what happens

Can a food truck cater my business lunch?

Yes! Many trucks do business catering, some trucks do not require a minimum based on the amount of people in your office. Many smaller business pair up with neighboring business to grant enough people to have access to the truck to allow the truck as a means to wave the minimum fee. The best thing to do is ask the trucks. Submit your business lunch inquiry here