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Food is my trade, as a kid I always wanted to own my restaurant, after getting out of culinary school I had worked for many different food establishments, including a major seafood chain, where I stayed working for 20 years,I LOVED my job there!! Life changes so fast, I had gotten married and we had 2 children while I was working there.
Then 2008 happened and now I work in a health care setting I have for 11 years . I just kept thinking about how much I still loved seafood and that’s how I thought of SHRIMP!!! And a food truck. The love of seafood and shrimp is in my heart!!
As for where the name “Betty” came from .. me and a bunch friends were sitting at a fire one night and my best friend called me “ Betty “ because I make things homemade. I do not buy premade foods I buy ingredients to make and create homemade meals, I love to garden and I do a lot of canning and freezing of my own foods. 🥰it has always been a joke between the 2 of us because I don’t buy premade. So that is where I got the name.
In the short time that Betty ran in 2022 she was well received , we are really hoping for many more successful years ahead